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Challenge #082: Submission Post

The theme for Challenge #082 is lyrical!

"swallow" by 12012
click to download --> mp3


saa koko kara ima sugu tobidashite shimaou
fukai mori no naka kodoku wo warau
shizuka sugiru sora yo ureu tsuki no Shower abite waraou
saisei kannou na hibi

saa atarashii kankaku mune odoru jidai no tane
maite utaou takaraka ni koe wo age
mori wo tsutsumu kiri yo kuchi wo hirakeru Post
tegami wo kakou shinai naru ano goro no boku

"sayonara" houmutte houmutte subete wo nomikomi ayunda hibi no toi
"sayonara" aishi ai koroshi ai tagai wo tashikame sakenda jihi no toi

A shadow on my mind

ima kono kokoro wo utsushidashita blue na sora miageteru
sabita yume no naka kodoku wo warau koware sugita jijitsu me wo fusete kakusu kedo osoi kakaru
mukuwarenu kono kokoro to kizu

How I wish I could get up


Alright, I’m going to fly out of here right now once and for all
I laugh at my loneliness inside the deep forest
The sky much too quiet I’ll bathe in a miserable shower of moonlight and laugh
The days when I could be reborn

Now, a new sensation the seeds of the age dance with my heart
I’ll scatter them and sing, raising my voice to the heavens
The mist that envelops the forest the opened mailbox
I’ll write a letter dear me of that time

“Goodbye” Bury it, bury it, the days I walked in question swallowing up everything
“Goodbye” Loving each other, killing each other, the screaming question of mercy assures us of each other

A shadow on my mind

Now I’m looking up at the blue sky my heart reflected
I laugh at my loneliness inside the rusted dream a truth much too shattered
I cover my eyes and hide but it rushes upon me
This unrewarded heart and wound

How I wish I could get up

Hey God, will you save me?

The only stipulation with this lyrical theme is that you must use at least three consecutive words from the song on your icon. You may use other words as well, but you must primarily use words from the song. If you have questions, please contact me.

[x] You may submit up to TWO (2) icons for this challenge.
[x] You may use doujinshi or fanart if you link back to the author/artist in your submission comment.
[x] Your icons must fit LJ's size standards: 100x100 or smaller, 40 kb or smaller.
[x] Please make your icons *fresh* for this challenge.
[x] Do not advertise your icons, and do not use or display them elsewhere until after the challenge is over and winners have been declared. This icontest does not allow cross-submission.
[x] To submit, reply normally to this screened post with the image and URL of your icon, as well as the character name.
[x] Icons are due by Saturday, March 15, at 11 AM EST (-5:00 GMT).

Your comment to this post should be formatted somewhat like this;
URL: http://i9.tinypic.com/4pe78k6.png

Thank you!
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