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Challenge #043: Submission Post

The theme for Challenge #043 is lyrical!

"I'm Your Villain" by Franz Ferdinand
click to download --> mp3

You toss in a word
I'm your villain
I see the passion emerge
I'm your villain
But serious
You're so serious
Like a waiter
Hating the rich
But taking their tips

If I could laugh I'd love you
If I could smile at anything you said
We could be laughing lovers
I think you'd prefer to be miserable instead
If I could love I'd love you
If I could love like anybody else

I know what I am
I'm your villain
I don't give a damn if
I'm your villain
Because serious
You're so serious
But I've got ready salted
ready on your belly
If you want to have fun

See you later, baby

The only stipulation with this lyrical theme is that you must use at least three consecutive words from the song on your icon. You may use other words as well, but you must primarily use words from the song. If you have questions, please contact me.

[x] You may submit up to TWO (2) icons for this challenge.
[x] You may use doujinshi or fanart if you link back to the author/artist in your submission comment.
[x] Your icons must fit LJ's size standards: 100x100 or smaller, 40 kb or smaller.
[x] Please make your icons *fresh* for this challenge.
[x] Do not advertise your icons, and do not use or display them elsewhere until after the challenge is over and winners have been declared.
[x] To submit, reply normally to this screened post with the image and URL of your icon, as well as the character name.
[x] Icons are due by Saturday, May 26th, at 11 AM EDT (3 PM GMT).

Your comment to this post should be formatted somewhat like this;
URL: http://subvivid.com/icontests/akatsuki_awards/Kisame001.png

Thank you!
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