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Week 15 -- Picture (winners)

I'm going ahead and putting this up now because I won't be here tomorrow. Thank you to those who submitted icons and to those who took the time to vote. ^_^ Congratulations to our winners.

First Place: kylara

Second Place: marmaladecat

Third Place: touched_venus

Mod's Choice: thomasvye

Runner Ups:

by touched_venus
by kylara
by uni_mara

Bannermaker for week 13: ometto_samba
Bannermaker for week 14: marmaladecat
Bannermaker for week 15: uni_mara

If anyone would like to apply to be a bannermaker please take your application HERE.

So far we have 0 submissions into the current contest and it's already half way through the week. Be sure to get your entries in at THIS POST before Sunday night.

Thank you and Happy Iconing~
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