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Challenge #042: Results

1st place:  
(by xenylamine) (Thank you so much! Please stop voting for me, though, it makes it look like I'm rigging this... x_x;;)

2nd place:  
(by teava)

3rd place:  
(by faintscribbles)

Mod's choice:  
(by anguisel)

(numbers correspond to voting post)
#02:  cdg
#04:  faintscribbles
#06:  hoshi3
#08:  teava

Congrats to the winners! Please comment if you'd like a banner. Your banner maker this week is me. Thanks!

The submission post for the current contest can be found HERE.

Banner makers, please check the post HERE to see if you have any outstanding weeks. Thank you!

Also... an extra special plug goes to hplims... a Harry Potter Last Icon Maker Standing icontest. Sign up now, rounds start May 25th!
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