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Challenge #058: Results [Led Zeppelin Lyrics]

1st place:  
(by faintscribbles)

2nd place:  
(by faintscribbles)

3rd place:  
(by silhouette_68)

Mod's choice:  
(by j3tfire)

The three runner-ups this week are cdg, the_lady_lamb, and chronophobe.

(numbers correspond to voting post)
#02:  the_lady_lamb
#03:  wintercicada
#08:  hoshi3
#09:  cdg
#11:  hoshi3
#13:  wintercicada
#14:  silhouette_68

Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone that participated! First place through mod's choice are eligible for banners; please comment if you'd like one. Your banner maker this week is staticlights. Thanks!

The submission post for the current contest can be found HERE.

And now for a very special promotion!

The new term has just started, so there's no better time to head on over to platform_934 and get sorted to join hogwartsishome!

If you do apply, please mention that a member of the Order sent you. ♥ And try to get sorted into Ravenclaw because I'll be one of your prefects for the term, joy joy!
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