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Challenge #063: Results [Smile]

1st place:  
(by cdg)

2nd place:  
(by tearings)

3rd place:  
(by cdg)

Mod's choice:  
(by rosesnotafad)

(numbers correspond to voting post)
#03:  hoshi3
#04:  anguisel
#05:  moonshadow_nal
#06:  rosesnotafad
#07:  j3tfire
#10:  hoshi3
#11:  tearings
#12:  moonshadow_nal

Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone that participated! First place through mod's choice are eligible for banners; please comment if you'd like one. Your banner maker this week is staticlights. Thanks! Also please be sure to check out the banners backlog to see if you owe anything, or if you would like to help with the backlog. ALSO... we're kind of in need of more banner makers, so please? Anyone? ♥

The submission post for the current contest can be found HERE.

Also...! Please be sure to check out potc_lims, a great Pirates of the Caribbean LIMS. They're going to be starting up Round FIVE in a couple of weeks, and sign-ups are now open! Also, I'm sure they could use more votes for their final challenge!
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